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MAG Property Development

Moafaq Ahmad Al Gaddah – or MAG – Group’s property development subsidiary was formed in 2003. Since its founding, MAG Property Development has become one of the top residential property developers in the Arab world.

In fact, the company ranked 18th among other unlisted real estate companies in the crowded Middle Eastern market, and its new CEO, Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, has been named as one of the most influential young CEOs in the Middle East and around the world.

Like many Dubai real estate developers, MAG specializes in high-end residential developments. However, unlike its contemporaries, MAG has deftly begun to capitalize on the rising demand for affordable housing in the UAE.

The Dubai government has begun discussing affordable housing quotas. As a result, MAG property is increasingly building cheaper units in its MAG 5 Boulevard project and MAGEYE residential complex.

With its new and highly capable CEO, MAG Property Development is actively looking toward the future of Dubai, making it an excellent real estate developer in the local market.

MAGEYE, now under construction, is a master-planned community fifteen minutes south of Downtown Dubai.
Notable Projects: MBL Residence, MAGEYE, MAG 5 Boulevard, MAG318. MAG230

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