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Who we are?

About Dubai-Prime.Com is a subsidiary of, a boutique real estate advisory & transaction company, having advised the who’s who of South Delhi on their real estate assets. We have special expertise in high-value transactions & dispositions in South & Central Delhi and Dubai. With over 500+ clients, SanD/SouthDelhiPrime has done transactions worth millions.

At SanD /, we have earned the reputation of being South Delhi’s most Innovative Real Estate Firm – and the go-to specialists for NRI buyers, sellers, developers, landlords and companies around the world, looking to establish themselves in India and for Indians considering business expansion in South Delhi. In fact, we have conceptualized and created a state-of-the-art Buy Real Estate By Research Methodology dedicated to designing the science behind the real estate prices in South Delhi and a premeditated model with an embedded strategic foresight capability.

We are a research and strategy-driven luxury real estate advisor in South Delhi. Our team comprises specialists who provide strategic advice on prices, legal, regulatory, and tax-related matters in an integrated manner basis key insights carefully culled from the allied industries. As an active participant in shaping the Real Estate environment, we at have the expertise and more importantly – the VISION – to navigate its complexities.

Our ongoing endeavours in conducting and facilitating original research in emerging areas of South Delhi real estate have helped us develop unparalleled proficiency to anticipate obstacles, mitigate potential risks and identify new opportunities for our clients who are looking to buy, sell or collaborate, joint venutres in South Delhi & Dubai. Simply put, for conglomerates looking to buy, sell or invest in the South Delhi $ Dubai we take the uncertainty out of new frontiers. As a firm of doyens, we pride ourselves in working with select clients within select verticals on complex matters. Our forte lies in providing innovative and strategic advice.

We are a trust based, non-hierarchical, democratic organization that leverages research and knowledge to deliver extraordinary value to our clients. Our unique entrepreneurial proposition has been well recognized by industry leaders.

Dubai - Prime Team

Dubai – Prime Team comprises long-standing directors and senior real estate experts focused on providing ongoing consistency, continuity, and experience to their clients.

We approach each project with an open mind. Every design is unique, a bespoke solution is drawn from the analysis of the product and brief. A thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Dubai’s real estate market and the constraints of the product is the first step to a finished correlative understanding that everyone can be proud of.

Dubai-Prime with its team of specialized and experienced real estate experts assures you of realizing your dream of buying/ selling a luxury home in South Delhi & Dubai a smooth ride with its research-based and localized approach.

We enjoy what we do and delight in seeing a finished project that works for the client, site, and community.

Dubai-Prime aims to provide you with a VIP lounge treatment while you embark on your journey to finding your perfect luxury home in South Delhi or Dubai.

We Understand You & Your Dreams!

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