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Why Dubai is the best destination to purchase premium properties?

In the erratic economic era, an eclectic selection of financial assets is what investors are now on the search for. Real estate & premium properties have always been the choice of investors, especially Indian ones.

When the local investments are not rendering ample returns then it is prudential to hunt the properties overseas that are known for easier processing and better returns.

And now Dubai is the most favourite investment destination of all when it comes to possessing premium posh properties.

When we talk about the Indian investors’ guild, then since 2004 Indians are among the top 3 nations to possess properties in Dubai. In the span of 2015-21, Indians purchased properties worth AED 83.62 Billion. And with the latest amendments in the Global Visa rules, the numbers are only on the sharp rise!      

In this article Team, Dubai-Prime dissects what is the reason behind Dubai’s top place in this regard. So let’s delve into the details.

Strategic Location & Culture

The geographical location and connectivity with major economies are what make Dubai attractive. It is 7 hour flight from the UK and just 3 hours from India. 70% of the world’s population is at max 8-hour flight from Dubai.

Whether one is looking for residential or commercial property can give a return visit from India. Those looking to get a second home in a premium location prefer Dubai only.   

The lifestyle which Dubai has to offer is unmatched as well. The amazing views, skyline, food, culture, and future-oriented outlook- everything is highly attractive to all.

High RoI

When compared with other global property destinations, Dubai has to offer you the highest rental yield. The cost of purchase is low but the returns are much higher. On average the rental yield there is around 5.8%, while New York and London will offer you 3.91% and 3.21% respectively. The prime areas like Dubai Marina, Downtown, and Jumeirah Village get around 7-8% rental yield.

Dubai is a global market, attracting individuals of all kinds from all parts of the world. Whether for study, work, or business purposes the rental activities are always on the high side there. Therefore, the properties will immediately get rented there.

Tax-Free Investment

Any investment in Dubai attracts NO TAX! This allows the investors with more powers to allocate their funds to further investments. Some municipality fees or private community charges might be there, and this depends on the area and regulations in practice at that time.

Safety & Stability

In the list of Safest Countries of the World released by the World Economic Forum, Dubai is always around the top spots. With such a sense of safety and stability of law & order, Dubai is a fascinating place for all.

Golden Visa Relaxations

The Golden Visa is like a long-term residential permit, allowing foreigners to work, study, live, or manage a business there. The UAE administration has recently announced significant relaxations to this visa. In the new norms, Visa tenure has been extended to 10 years (from the previous max of 5 years), and the minimum investment to avail of Golden Visa has been brought down to 2 million AED (which previously was 5 million AED)

Strong Regulatory Body

Dubai is proud of its strong & robust Real Estate Regulatory Agency which enforces a stringent framework of rules & regulations. A transparent system and smooth functions protecting the interest of the investors will facilitate the long-term growth of the real-estate sector there.

Future of Dubai’s Real-Estate Scenario

The Russia-Ukraine war has detrimentally dented the real-estate market- impacting the rise in mortgage rates and property prices. Governmental initiatives and friendlier policies ease the hurdles of price fluctuation in Dubai. The aforementioned leading edges are getting global attention, especially from investors.

Transactions are witnessing an upsurge and the trend is there to stay for a long- say experts and their numbers.

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